Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Matt always there to help out

Living room, starting to come togethor.

Matt has helped Jason almost every day Jason has gone to the house. He has helped with everything, demo, electric. He wired all telephone lines to every room, HD cable lines to every room, and he wired the speaker wires in the living room. They have fixed pipes togethor. He hung insulation, he hung dry wall, he supervised our help. All three of them, Jason, Matt and Rick did so much more than I know, because I only came once a week for about 10 minutes to look at how things were going. Matt is in the construction business and is branching out on his own. If you need any remodeling, he is the person to call. He has helped kept Jason on task, and helped immensely with our time line. He is reliable! Thanks Matt!! And thanks to his family, Whitney and Aiden for allowing him to help so much.


Jane H. said...

Hi everyone,
This is my first time contributing to a blog.As Lynn's mother, I'm thrilled to see all the photos and have the updates. I am always asking for progress reports and photos.
I haven't noticed Lynn taking the credit for all she has done towards the completion of this fantastic project. Lynn has worked many extra shifts/hours at the hospital. So I want to say hooray to everyone, including Lynn.