Tuesday, December 15, 2009

House Update

12-15-09, Today the Siding guy came to work on our house! Yeh! His trailer is in our yard, so hopefully he will finish, this week, the 40% needed to be done so we can try to re-finance.

In July he worked on our house and I did not post pictures then, they did the top on the west side of the house, second story right outside of my bedroom.
Today they did some soffit work and put some ladder boards under the overhangs of the roof so that the roof will be supported.
See the white part on the right side of the last picture that is new soffit!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our house update 6-09

1st days of school

Kristen and Will on her bed in her dorm room.

Kristen and Will outside the van we rented, it was full.

Will and Hurkey ready for his 1st day of school
Will and Maggie

State park trips this summer 2009

Will and Friend Scott

Will and Jason, hiking the rugged trail with ladders, that was fun.

Will and I
Will and Jason

Will at 4H - July 2009

Will receiving an award for Hippology Team members, from his wonderful instructor, Mrs. Brown.

Will and I doing the diaper race.

Will riding Bella.

Will and his half shelf

Will and his Rocket

Will and his pony.

Will riding english on Bella

Will and Keith with Bella

Will Showing english halter with Bella
Will having fun

Bella having fun

Will showing western halter
Will resting before the show
Will getting ready to show with Bella

Kristen's Graduation - Catch up from 6-2-09

Will and Kristen

Brynn, Kristen and Lynn

Karla and Kristen

Our Family

Kristen, Nikki and Devin

Our Family

The whole class went barefoot for graduation to make awareness to a needy country that they donated shoes to, they were even on the news for this.

Brynn, Lynn, Jason, Will, Sharon, and Monty

Great Grandma and Pop Pops

Monday, June 1, 2009

Family After Kristen's Graduation Party

The whole family together.

Myuki and Kristen.

Joseph riding Kaiser.

Kaiser and Bella enjoying Beer from Joseph.

Grandma and Jason.

Our house and barns from down the street.


The dessert table at Kristen's party.

Maggie and Myuki.

Myuki, Rhea and Kaiser.

Kaiser and Myuki.

Joseph and Kaiser.

I will eventually put up posts with Kristen's graduation and her party. I just received these pictures from my sister-in-law, so I wanted to put these up for everyone to see. She loves the animals, so most of the pictures are of the animals.