Thursday, December 6, 2007

Closing of our new house 12-6-07

We closed on our new house. It is 2500 square feet. It has three bedrooms, 2 baths, a family room, dining room, kitchen, den and laundry area. There is a small basement to hold the furnace, water heater, and the water pump for the well, the rest is a crawl space. It is on 5.5 acres, and is surrounded by corn fields. The road we will live on is gravel and is about 2 miles long with 4-5 houses on it. We own a barn that looks like an airplane hanger, and was built by the Amish, it was used for dairy cows over 15 years ago. There is also a large run in shed, and another outbuilding that has a completely enclosed workshop that is cemented with a large garage door.

Jason and I decided that before we moved in we would do a little remodeling. We had some money set aside and thought we could tear down some plaster, on the second story, put up some new insulation, re-do a little electric, put up some can lights, put up dry wall and then paint and carpet. Well the house has all hardwood floors, but I wanted new carpet in the bedrooms and living room before we moved in, so Jason and I talked about it, and as long as we needed to update things, and we wanted new carpet, lets make the mess before moving in and remodel 75% of the house. We decided to do all the bedrooms, the hallways, the den, and the living and dining rooms. We thought Jason and some friends could get this all done in 6 weeks, and all within the budget we set aside.

Well it will take double the money we thought and almost double the time. You will see as our story goes along. But it is very exciting and we are going to love our newly remodeled house.